Personal Impact of News: News Bias

The abbreviation TODAY stands for News, Weather and sports. Besides the above, news is defined by different writers and journalists of all nations. As per Oxford dictionary, News or reports on recent happenings. Therefore, news is an important part of our daily life that reflects on our society and the way we live.

According to news analysis, a good news story is the one that highlights the work, achievement, benefit and significance of people, place or thing. In simple words, news means that which is of benefit to man. The purpose of news is to inform the public on the happening now and its impact on the society. Today, a news story may not only be about the recent events but also includes features of the past, present and future.

As per Oxford dictionary and online experts, a writer who writes news should be well versed with current affairs, and should have good knowledge of the culture, society and government officials. These are the journalists who weave reality into their stories so as to make the readers know what is happening in the real world today. To be a good news reader, one should be very alert and picky of the details. A news reader should have the ability to differentiate between fantasy and reality. He should have a sense of reality, which is why he should not easily believe things that are flashed in front of his eyes in a flash.

Today, news readers or news watchers depend on a number of news channels and medium to get updated on the latest in the world. Some of them are live, while others offer delayed reports. There are news watchers who follow certain channels only, while some even try to subscribe to few news channels. It has been noted, that some of the most popular and prominent news media personalities rely solely on their websites for obtaining good news stories.

News also has a personal impact on a person. For example, if an employee is happy at work, he will feel positive about himself, which in turn creates a positive impact on his productivity and efficiency levels. However, this does not mean that every employee will become a happy and contented employee, or that every news report will create such a buzz. A news story makes a personal impact on people and therefore they need to be careful about the stories that they follow and choose to blindly believe in.

There are also journalists who have gained a reputation for being right, but in truth they follow what public policy dictates. For example, there are some news anchors who are keen to keep a negative story about a government official or an organization under wraps, simply because these news agencies want to keep their budget intact. In most cases, it is not the government officials or organizations who are actually to be blamed for the discrepancies and scandals in the public sector, but it is the mainstream media that tries to conceal this information from the public by burying it under tons of reports, articles, and news reports. This is a clear case of media bias, which is why it is recommended that you seek legal advice from a good lawyer before making your mind to take up a case like this. Also, remember that it pays to be a critic, but criticism without bias is much better since you can still have reasonable debates and discussions with your colleagues and friends about what exactly the public policy should be.