Automotive Molds

Automotif is a French-founded company that specializes in the manufacture of auto components, particularly for small and mid-sized enterprises. The automotif industry includes a very wide spectrum of industries and sectors involved in the manufacture, design, production, marketing, and sale of automobiles. It is amongst the world’s biggest industries by overall revenue. The automotif industry is said to be one of its own kinds in the automobile industry.

Automotif produces high quality Automotive Components. It has gained worldwide recognition for its technological excellence in product performance and process engineering. This is further enhanced by Automotif’s ability to produce components in high volumes. With these unique capabilities, Automotif ensures superior quality, consistent performance, and state-of-the-art technology.

Automotif is the parent company of Automotif TPss-1000. The Automotive Components manufactured by Automotif is designed for high volume production. Automotif TPS-1000 is a very successful Chinese-American joint venture with Elektra and Kaylor. The company was established to manufacture and sell a wide range of Automotive Components.

The Automotif company also manufactures die casting molds for die casting of aluminum, brass, steel, and stainless steel. In addition, they have a large catalog of plastic die casting molds. Automotif TPS-1000 uses automatic injection mold technology to manufacture stamped metal parts with complete consistency and exact tolerances. The Automotive Components produced by Automotif came in a variety of designs such as trim kits, exhaust systems, engines and transmissions.

This company has an extensive catalog of products that are available under the Automotive Molds Brand name. Some of their most popular and highly demanded automotive system parts are catalytic converters, exhaust systems, fuel injectors, exhaust systems, tires, wheels, radiators, catalytic converters, exhaust systems, bumpers, clutches, sturgeon plugs, clutches, engine mounts, radiator covers, transmission hoses, chassis, power trains, wiper crystals, power steering pumps, starter motors, battery isolators, electronic ignition systems, brake lights, full suspension systems, electronic fuel injection systems, generator sets, power packs, and complete wiring and electric components. Automotive Molds can also be used to manufacture catalytic converters for vehicles utilizing biodiesel technology. Automotive system parts manufacturers often sell their products online at discounted prices when compared to local distributors.

Automotif TPS-1000, a leader in European quality systems, offers customers an extensive range of product lines. Products offered by Automotif include automotive printed circuit boards (APBS), automotive aluminum enclosure systems, automotive component connectors, and accessory connectors. Automotive Printed Circuit Boards (APBS) are custom-made electronic boards made from high-quality aerospace aluminum and are used in the automotive industry for signal processing applications, computer chipry, voice and data cable connectivity, instrumentation wire bus interfaces, input and output modules, and many other applications. Automotive aluminum enclosure systems are used to control and maintain all components of an automotive assembly line.