Keeping Up With International News

In our daily lives, we receive many news related items, some are important for us and some are of less importance. According to the Oxford dictionary, news is news that is either new or recent in time, specifically recent in the public eye, especially to a broadcast or print report generally not otherwise known to the public. So, as news is one of the most important categories on the news list, it is useful to learn how to handle the different types of news. In this article, we will see the different types of news in simple language.

The first type of news is sports news. It is very common to hear sports man talking about the latest scores and results of any given sports event. Sports news is usually associated with a particular sport like football, cricket, hockey etc. The sports column in many leading newspapers is extremely popular amongst all sections of society and is considered the most trusted source of news.

News from the environment is also news that people of the current times are interested in. For instance, the earthquake that struck the Indian state of Gujarat recently and devastated large parts of the countryside has created waves of social concern throughout India. However, most of the news items relating to this natural disaster have been reported on various news channels and websites over the internet. Other news items in the environment include global warming, the impending nuclear disaster in Japan and the political crisis in Kashmir. While the media treats these as big issues, the common man is very much affected by them.

Financial news is a major feature of all financial pages in every country. Every week, there is a new issue of bank loan and credit card issuers announcing fresh rate cuts and discounts. Thus, when it comes to news pertaining to the financial sector, the impact of each decision can be seen immediately by the consumers and small businesses.

Then comes news about the current events in New York. The level of chaos gripping the city due to Superstorm Sandy has created a great deal of controversy among residents over how the news media will report the catastrophe. Will it be portrayed as a story of local corruption or a local tragedy? What will the cost of the relief effort be? How will the media cover the crisis as it unfolds and how will the public perceive the government in its effort to tackle the crisis?

There are other news stories that are not related to any particular industry that are making waves across the world. One such example is the unfolding scandal in Hollywood over producer Roman Catholic Church sexual abuse. This scandal has affected not only the Catholic Church but also several other industries in the entertainment industry. One notable celebrity who has suffered because of the scandal is Walt Disney, the famous father of Disneyland and its creator. All these news stories are relevant to the current times and are impacting the lives of people across the globe. As a result, no one is able to escape the impact of the news and especially the news that affects us at home.