Automotif – The Answer to Rapid Development in the Automotive Industry

Automotif is an international financial company that is involved in the supply of vehicles, parts, and components. The automotive industry includes a broad array of industries and corporations involved in the designing, development, production, selling, and marketing of automobiles. It is among the world’s largest automotive industries by annual revenue. With headquarters in London, it is involved in almost every aspect of the car manufacturing process.

Automotif has several products that are designed to meet the needs of car manufacturers and suppliers. One example of products is the Automotif Reka Bentuk PCBA Industry Equipment. This product is the Automotif’s answer to the reka bentuk, which is a highly popular and reliable Japanese hand held device used in making Japanese style automobiles.

Automotif also produces an Automotif TPSS-1000 Steering Wheel System. Automotive PCBA industry experts say this Steering Wheel System is the only PCBA available on the market that allows users to steer the vehicle using just their feet. The Automotif TPSS-1000 Steering Wheel System is compatible with almost all makes and models of automobiles and it has been tested for efficiency and performance. Automotif TPSS-1000 comes with two universal adapters (one for U.S. use and one for EU use) so it can be used worldwide. Automotif also has a free on the net manual that gives step-by-step instructions to walk you through installation of the Automotif TPSS-1000 Steering Wheel System.

Automotif also manufactures die casting die machines as well as stamping dies for other uses. The Automotif Airstream Die Machines is a high speed automatic die making machine and also can be used to manufacture corrugated boxes and die holders. Automotif also manufactures die casting dies for casting aluminum, steel and die steel. All Automotif’s die casting dies are manufactured in-house and are known for their quality and precision.

Automotif Yanga and Telah machine tools make plating, die cutting, bonding, crimping and bending parts. Automotif’s Telah machine tools are ideal for making tubes, nuts, bolts, steering wheels and much more. Automotif Yanga tools make mini lathes, drill presses, grinders, mini lathes, mini-mills and hand drills. Both the Telah and Yanga make fine precision components for the automotive and marine industries.

Automotif has many years of experience in the automotive industry. They provide a full range of dies and tools that can meet all of your production needs. They have an extensive product line that includes a complete line of injection moldings, die bores, die bearings and die lines and a quality and selection of high-tech accessories to support your products and manufacturing processes. This broad product offering and wide variety of dies and tools will ensure that you find the perfect tool to solve all of your production and finishing needs.