What is the News Value of a Single News Story?

You need to understand the exact meaning of news acronym. The abbreviation N News stands for National News. Besides the above, News is defined by different writers and editors of news that are published in any media or periodical. It can be general news, breaking news, feature story, weather news or political news. Based on the Oxford dictionary, a news article is described as: “a news story, including a brief narrative of an event which is generally reported by several different news agencies or media, including local newspaper, radio or television.”

Now, I have explained the meaning of news but you need to know what news stories may affect your life. For example, when your electricity suddenly went out at home, many people will call up emergency services such as police, fire department or electricity provider. Then they will wait for any updates regarding the power failure. Now, what will happen next?

Some may look at this news event as a simple event but it is not, there are many factors that affect the result of the news event. Let’s discuss six questions that become news. What are these six questions? It is the question that become news after a certain amount of time.

First question is what is the news value of this particular event for me? It means what value do I place on this news event. When many people ask this question, some may interpret this question as opinion about the event; such as what is the benefit of saving electricity? Another group may consider that this news is very important to me, some would also say that this news is very abnormal; will I miss this opportunity if I do not turn on the light?

Second question is what are the news values for this unusual event. Since we all have different perception of reality, these news values may affect our listeners. For example, if I am discussing the value of saving electricity, my listener may consider this news event as unusual and abnormal. So, when he/she does not hear this news from you, then you become the odd one in the crowd.

The third question is how many different sources will I have to look for news? News channels covers many different current events and international as well as local current events around the world. In order to cover these many events, journalists must have access to many different locations. Thus, they will need to be based in many different places around the world. This makes them news bureau as well as journalists.