The Importance of Sports in Our Society


The Importance of Sports in Our Society

Sports are physical activities that involve physical exertion without any contact with an object or body of persons. These sports can be indoor or outdoor sports. Many sports can be categorized into numerous disciplines. These disciplines range from sprinting to weightlifting. There are various types of sports that require different equipment and training.

Sports are divided into various sports because they involve physical exertion, stress on the body and mind, and competition. Sports are commonly defined as a competitive physical activity which involves a certain level of physical exertion, including sprinting or basketball. Some sports are known for their endurance like swimming or cycling. However, many other types of non-physical sports are also called sports. An athlete in a particular sport is often described as a professional.

The word ‘sport’ is derived from the Latin word meaning game; the root words of sports are parelli, anise, and racemis. According to Merriam Webster, the root words of sports are “a physical activity undertaken for the purpose of exercise” and “to compete with others.” The dictionary also goes on to define the word as “an organized competition especially for sports”.

In the twentieth century, there has been a great proliferation of different sports, some requiring high levels of physical exertion and others purely for recreation. Sport events are often governed by established sports terms, equipment, and rules. Some sports are organised professionally, while others are often treated as social occasions. Olympic sports are Olympic Games, which is organized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). For example, swimming, track and field, sailing, and skating are all examples of organised sports.

The Olympic Games is held throughout the world. Each year, in the month of February, the Olympic Games is held, with the goal of hosting the most prestigious event in the world. Every four years, there is also the Olympic Village which houses the Athletes and the support staff necessary to support them. Competitions in each individual discipline are run concurrently, so there is always fresh competition for places in the Olympic Games. Competitors in the various sports section needs to be healthy, physically fit and efficient.

The Olympic Sports is conducted under strict guidelines and regulation. Athletes must stick to the rules set by the association organising the event, and they may be disciplined severely if they are found to be cheating. The idea behind the Olympic Games is to increase the level of physical activity in society. It promotes health, fitness, social interaction, and sportsmanship amongst the people that are taking part.