Removing Automotif Stains From Carpets

Automotif is a water-based stain remover that can be used to remove stain on carpet, silk or any surface. It comes in a spray can and acts as a foam cleaner. The foam contains up to 40% of a cleaning solution and acts as a stain barrier to prevent further staining to the carpet or fabric from a liquid spill. Automotif is non-toxic and is a chemical-free alternative to most foam cleaners.

It is easy to use; just pour a small amount into the container and mix with warm water and apply to the affected area. Allow it to stand for at least five minutes to loosen the dirt and then rinse it out under running water. Automotif can also be used as a hand sanitizer if hands are clean and dry before usage.

Automotif comes in an assortment of forms including foam, liquid and gel. Each form has different formulations for use. For example, a foam remover may work well for some stains but may not work well for others. The consistency of Automotif can change from one product to another. Some forms may be thicker than others and might need to be poured into another container to use as a stain remover.

Automotif is applied by spraying it onto the stain and working it into the carpet. If there are too many stains to cover an entire area, more than one application may be required. If a spill occurs, simply blot up the mess with a clean white towel. Do not rub or wipe the spill because this will only spread the stain and make it more difficult to remove. A spot remover may be necessary to remove any remaining dirt or debris left behind in case a thorough cleaning procedure was not done.

The foam will eventually loosen the soil or dirt that was embedded deep into the carpet fibers. However, it will take several applications and weeks of treatment before the stain will be completely removed. Vacuuming alone will not remove all of the embedded particles. In some cases, the stain will not be fully removed even after several applications. For best results, consult a professional stain remover and allow it to penetrate the fibers of the carpet before it is sprayed on the spot.

To prevent any more potential staining, avoid wearing shoes or socks while performing household tasks. Instead, remove them and place them in a pile to absorb the soil or liquid on the carpet. This also applies to pets. Disinfect spills immediately with a commercial disinfectant. Before using a product on the carpet, read the instructions carefully.