Overview of Various Types of Sports

Sports has been important for a human life that keeps them healthy and physically fit. Because of the physical activity sports provide, blood pressure remains stable and blood flows continuously through the body. Proper blood flow is essential for organs to function well. Blood pressure also reduces cholesterol and increases muscle strength, because of the daily physical activity sports involve. Different individuals have different interests of sports but basically the activity is always the same in almost all sports.

There are many different sports activities including motor sports, sportive, contact sports and many more. The common factor among all sports is that physical exertion and mental intensity is required in winning a game or competing. The importance of sports can not be ignored by the governing bodies. These governing bodies appoint athletic trainers, doctors, instructors and other professionals to impart proper training in sports and also make sure that athletes follow sports rules and regulations.

According to the latest market research, almost 60% of Americans follow some form of sports and recreation. Therefore, it can be concluded that there is considerable scope for the growth of sports and recreation business in the US. In recent years, private colleges and universities have started to offer degree programs in sports and recreation management, along with professional sports coaching and mentoring. Therefore, a graduate degree in Sports and Recreation Administration will get you a good job. As a main article, there are few points one needs to consider in the case of sports and recreation management:

o Sports activities are divided into two sections, namely, physical and mind sports. Physically active sports can include running, volleyball, softball, basketball, baseball and softball. It requires rigorous training and skill and the athletes need to have stamina, endurance and strength to win. On the other hand, mind games and concentration are required while playing mind games such as golf, rugby and baseball. While the athletes to focus on their competitors, the mind plays an important role in keeping pace with the competition and winning.

o The second category consists of non-sporty sports like handball, badminton, table tennis, swimming and polo. It does not require professional sports coaching or equipments but they require regular practice. As a main article, all these activities can be enjoyed by both the sexes; however, there is a definite gender bias in case of female sports like volleyball and badminton. There is a rise in the number of female swimmers and badminton players as well as badminton coaches and instructors in recent years due to increased interest in these sports from the general public. However, the participation of men in these sports has declined steadily over the years.

o A major section needs to be addressed on physical fitness. This is perhaps the most important category because sports cannot be won without sufficient physical fitness. Sports like soccer, baseball, basketball and softball are dominated by men because of their large muscles that provide them with enough power to win the game. However, there are growing numbers of women participating in these games. In this case, the physical fitness aspect needs to be taken care of by sports coaches or physical fitness experts hired by the schools, colleges and universities.