Make News Interesting

The term news has several meanings and can be used in different contexts. According to the Oxford dictionary, News is “a periodic report of recent activity by particular organs or agencies, with reference to the events of the day.” A regular television or radio program often consisting of brief reports on current affairs. A news report as in a news bulletin, as in a newscast or a publication of this kind. From the name itself, the form of news is often associated with facts and recent news events rather than topical reviews.

In United Kingdom, the government controls news agencies and their content. But according to the British news service Association (BNA), the press has the freedom to choose which news it chooses to present and how it chooses to present that news. The press association is the regulator of news services in the United Kingdom. It was established by a bill of Parliament in November 1974. Its main role is to protect the freedom of the press to hold controversial public debates and to act in an impartial manner.

News may affect the listeners immediately and therefore it is extremely important that news should be taken seriously both by the media organizations and by the listeners. But at the same time, news may also affect the listeners indirectly by conveying opinions and other ideas on any subject. News affects the listeners directly and indirectly through various media channels. For example, if a news story includes someone’s misfortunes, it may affect the listeners negatively. But if a news story includes successes of a person or organization, it may have a positive effect on the listeners’ morale. It is believed that the listeners who are affected directly by news stories have a better understanding of the events as well as the people involved in it.

There are many ways through which news can reach the listeners and readers. Through newspapers, magazines, television, and radio, news can be easily delivered to different societies. Each one of these methods of reaching news has a different significance and importance. As far as newspapers and magazines are concerned, they make news value highly subjective. They focus mainly on the personal experiences of their own readers and they may not show much importance on the national or international situation.

On the other hand, television and radio channels to focus on national, international and world affairs, making news stories about those stories their most interesting. While films are more subjective and focus on what is happening in the film, books and television shows make news stories more subjective and objective. While reading news stories, the reader tends to focus on the plot and characters of the story and makes conclusions about them without considering the truth or validity of the facts.

But some news stories are more subjective than others. News can affect the attitudes of many people. In fact, a certain news story which may be highly critical on some issues may have a huge effect on the public’s views and feelings on the issue. At times, the news can have a profound effect on many people and how they view and react to an issue. In such cases, the news may affect public opinion more than the actual facts on the ground. It is for this reason that newspapers, magazines and television channels are constantly under fire from the public over their reporting of certain stories.