Lifelong Learning in Automotive Technology

Automotif is a global leader in safety equipment. The automotif company was founded in 1955 with the vision of using advanced technology for transportation purposes. The automotif company is very much aware of the need for an automobile that can provide maximum safety for its passengers at the same time as it is at a reasonable cost. The automotif company has therefore come up with a variety of auto safety equipment designed and developed by highly skilled professionals.

Automotif Malaysia is one of the leading companies in the field of initiatives and technological solutions for the auto industry. The automotive sector includes a number of organizations and businesses involved in the manufacture, design, development, production, marketing, and sale of automobiles. It is also among the world’s largest industries in terms of revenue generated.

Automotive engineering technology is a rapidly expanding field. The automotif products are particularly suitable for the customers located in south and west parts of Malaysia. These products are manufactured to meet the requirements of these customers. Automotive engineering technology is particularly significant in Malaysia. The Dengan Government has been instrumental in the growth of Automotif Malaysia as it has been instrumental in the growth of other automotive companies such as Teknologi Kejuruteraan Automotif (BTK), a division of Teknol Inc. (OTE), and Telenco Engineering Ltd (TELL). Since its establishment, Teknol had diversified into automobile engineering technology, which it continues to enhance with the help of the many technical innovations it has introduced.

Automotive engineering technology deals with the fundamental requirements for the safe and reliable performance of an automobile. This requires thorough knowledge of a variety of subjects, including load capacity, horsepower, aerodynamics, combustion, and energy consumption. Automotive engineering technology is broadly defined as a discipline that utilizes the entire life-cycle process of a motor vehicle. Automotive engineering technology is also involved in optimizing the operation of vehicles in various driving conditions and at various traffic conditions. It incorporates the complete range of scientific principles and mathematical calculation.

Automotive engineering technology has vast applications in all domains. It has significant significance in manufacturing and transportation sectors. With advancements in this field, it provides solutions that have broad-ranging impact on the performance and efficiency of an organization. Automotive engineering also contributes to the overall wellbeing of society. Through a well-developed system, individuals and organizations can benefit from the productivity of their resources.

The Automotive Maintenance and Repair Technological Institute (AMRTI) at Denpasar is one of the foremost institutes in Malaysia dedicated to training engineers and technicians in various related fields. AMRTI offers a one-year diploma in Automatic Maintenance, which covers a wide spectrum of topics such as oil service, engine repair, transmission, brake maintenance, cooling, preventive maintenance, etc. Undergraduate and postgraduate diploma courses are available in the areas of auto mechanic techniques, lubrication, heat treating, fuel management, etc. Automotive technical colleges and vocational schools offering courses in automotive maintenance and repair technology are found in almost all major cities throughout Malaysia.