Automotive Printed Circuit Boards – A High Quality Alternative to OEM

Automotif is an investment research firm focusing on the Automotive Industry in Canada. The automotive industry includes a large number of companies and organisations involved in the manufacture, design, development, production, and sales of automobiles. It is one of Canada’s largest industries in terms of revenue generated annually. The Automotive sector in Canada accounts for approximately 11% of total gross domestic product.

Automotif is a full service provider of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and generic print circuit board manufacturers. They are the leading provider of printed circuit boards with complete customer solutions and unmatched technology and support. Automotif has an extensive selection of printed circuit boards to meet all the needs of the automotive electronics industry. They offer a full range of high performance Pcb manufacturers, custom printed circuit boards, fully interchangeable components, component switches, fully evaluated testing, and production quality systems and services.

Automotif develops, designs and manufactures printed circuit boards according to the highest quality standards. All their pcb assembly manufacturing process is dedicated to meet the requirements of the automotive Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing industry. They also deal with the supply of finished products to clients.

Automotif is a pioneer in the production and development of printed circuit boards and pcb manufacturers. They are the global leaders in providing high quality pcb boards and pcb assembly services for the automotive industry. They provide to the automotive industry high tech and reliable electronic features and solutions for the designing and production of Printed Circuit Boards. Automotive PCBA manufacturers can use Automotif’s PCB templates to design and manufacture the boards with ease and efficiency. Their electronic features and solutions include high reliability, high speed, long life, cost effectiveness, security, compatibility and flexibility.

Automotif has an extensive range of printed circuit boards and pcb manufacturers including Alps Electric, Capricorn, Cisco, Cobus, Fabros, FPGA, Hitachi, KMS, Keymate, Nehalem, Purity, Sharp, Toshiba, Verona, Zenith and Winstar. With an unmatched combination of quality, design and technical expertise, Automotif offers a complete solution for your electronics system. With an experienced and well versed team of designers and engineers, they can deliver a product that is not only innovative but also highly functional.

Automotif is also one of the leading providers of aftermarket accessory and component manufacturer. With its extensive line of component and aftermarket accessory manufacturers, they can easily meet the demands of the customer by providing a full range of high quality and highly functional accessories and parts. The innovative and advanced electronic features and solutions of Automotif have made it one of the most popular and sought after brands in the automotive Printed Circuit Board industry. They have been able to leverage their extensive experience and expertise to bring the Automotif brand of printed circuit boards and pcb to the standard of other established brands in the market.