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Automotive Industry News – Automotif News

Automotif is an international auto parts distributor. The automotive industry includes a broad assortment of entities and businesses involved in the research, development, production, marketing, and sale of automobile products. It is among the world’s biggest industries by annual revenue. With its diversified customer base spanning many countries, Automotif has established itself as an industry leader in providing automotive solutions to automotive-related parts buyers and suppliers.

Automotif was founded in 1999 by founding memberships in Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Italy, and the United States. In its early days, Automotif mainly supplied replacement parts for Japanese motorcycles. Today, it caters to a wider range of automotive applications including aftermarket accessories, performance and power enhancing parts, and body kits. The company is committed to developing and innovating automotive engineering technology with an eye to ensuring maximum value and optimum performance from its products. Automotif continues to grow and expand both as a manufacturer and distributor while maintaining competitive advantage due to the availability of a consistent product mix, technical expertise, and customer service.

Automotif’s technological strength lies in its high quality, low pricing, and superior service. Automotive industry includes a vast array of customers and product manufacturers from around the globe. Automotif’s global customer base consists of global automotive corporations such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Fiat, Citicorp, DAF, and Chrysler. Besides these, Automotif also serves a variety of government and non-government customers who require automotive engineering technology and high quality parts. Automotif’s automotive engineering technology and product line offers solutions to a host of automotive application areas, including fuel cell technologies, hybrid and pure electric vehicles, custom automotive body designs, and emissions control devices.

Automotif’s innovative performance advertising and marketing programs are designed to increase brand recognition and visibility in a highly competitive marketplace. The company’s performance advertising and marketing solutions are used in conjunction with in-vehicle and website marketing to promote an unlimited variety of performance related items. Automotif’s performance advertising and marketing programs focus on five core areas – safety, speed, technology, durability, and safety. Automotif also works with automotive professionals to improve the quality and performance of their products.

Automotif’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends to the broadest extent possible. Automotif provides free lifetime warranty and after sale service for selected models. In addition to free service and after sales support, Automotif strives to reduce product downtime through a disciplined quality process. Automotif’s focus on customer satisfaction extends to the designing, development, production, and distribution of its own products. The company strives to build a strong customer community by regularly updating its website.

Automotif also looks forward to developing strategic alliances with other automotive companies, equipment manufacturers, and suppliers. These alliances will provide Automotif with additional opportunities to expand into new markets, while potentially increasing its exposure to other product applications. Automotif also collaborates closely with its customers and suppliers. Automotif is committed to building a strong relationship with each of its dealers. Automotive dealers and suppliers benefit from Automotif’s ability to deliver quality automotive products, while Automotif’s nationwide network of distributor places additional dealer support at any location.