Automotif: Quality Customer Relations


Automotif: Quality Customer Relations

Automotif is a French multinational company that specializes in automated testing and inspection equipment. The automotive industry includes a wide array of businesses and organizations involved with the manufacture, design, construction, testing, and sale of automobiles. It is among the world’s largest automotive industries by sales. Automotif is the market leader in inspection equipment and in providing customer solutions. Automotive suppliers, distributors, auto manufacturers, and independent repair centers rely upon Automotif for all of their automotive supply needs. Automotif is committed to customer satisfaction and innovation.

Automotif offers customers quality, low-cost equipment for the most demanding automotive manufacturing and inspection needs. Their award-winning products include the Car diagnostic scanner, the Engine diagnostics Camera, Car Radiator Filters, Radiator Heat Remover, Radiator Air Cleaner, Radiator Oven, and the AC/DC Cleaner/Disinfecter. Automotive suppliers can also benefit from Automotif’s high-performance inspection equipment and accessories, including Automotive Service Exhaust Systems, AC Converters, Air Conditioners, Cruise Control Systems, Front Airbags, Grille Guards, Ignition Switches, Intercoms, Power Steering Systems, Seat Belts, Traction Systems, Welded Joints, and More. In addition, Automotif is an authorized automotive service provider for more than 25 different car brands. With Automotif, service providers can provide top-notch customer support, guarantee programs, on-site repair services, in-house installation services, warranty assistance, after-market products and accessory support.

Automotif’s goal is to deliver high-performance, high-value, and secure equipment to its customers. They take special care to ensure that each product meets stringent quality requirements and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Automotive suppliers trust Automotif because they know that they can rely on this prestigious company to serve as a trusted advisor and help with quality customer relations. The extensive selection of Automotive inspection equipment is another reason why Automotif has established a solid reputation as a leader in the industry. From engine inspections to total vehicle care and repair, Automotif can take care of all of it.

Automotif’s inspection equipment and accessories come with a comprehensive warranty to cover all workmanship and materials used. This gives customers peace of mind when purchasing Automotif products. They can feel confident in the knowledge that their dealers are fully insured against any defect or damage. This extended warranty is a powerful incentive to keep purchasing from a dealer who provides Automotif products.

Another reason why Automotif dealerships trust Automotif and not other supplier are that they are confident in their ability to provide customer relations that exceed expectations. Automotif is committed to providing their clients with a superior experience in product sales, technical support, and service, both on site and online. They are dedicated to continually improving customer relations by meeting customer expectations and exceeding their competitors’ standards.

Whether a dealer prefers to have on site equipment or recommend and install complete Automotif products, the company’s overall customer relations program includes an extensive marketing plan, including multiple magazine articles, radio and TV promotions, brochures, business cards, website content and more. Automotif’s long term goals include increasing their customer base and providing consumers with a broader range of automotive products and the comprehensive services that they require. The company is also committed to continually finding ways to improve their customer satisfaction by continuously upgrading and diversifying their offerings. These new strategies will undoubtedly strengthen customer relations.