A Synopsis About Automotif Products

Automotif is a global leader in safety automation systems. The keluaran hk automotif brand encompasses a full range of products, including automotive control and diagnosis systems, infor-dash systems, seat belts, vehicle accessories, and many others. Automotive technology is constantly developing, advancing, and innovating, resulting in ever more sophisticated safety systems for vehicles. Automotive industry includes a wide array of organizations and companies involved in the manufacture, design, development, production, and sale of automobiles. It is amongst the world’s largest automotive industries, by sales volume.

Automotif has designed and manufactured numerous products that are tailored to meet the automotive industry’s specific requirements. Automotive printed circuit boards (APBs) and related components are used in a huge variety of applications in the motor industry, ranging from vehicle control units to seat belts to computer controls. Automotive job and system integration solutions have increased tremendously with the use of highly advanced technology. Automotif is a supplier of custom-made automotive PCBs, complete with full-color LEDs, through its nationwide network of distributors and manufacturers. Automotive Printed Circuit Boards (APBs) and related components help to provide complete solutions for a variety of automotive applications.

Automotive job and system integration solutions are essential for the safe operation of vehicles, both cars and trucks. Automotive printed circuit boards or APBs provide an integrated user interface for vehicle components such as signals, diagnostics, power supplies, fans, lighting and fans, onboard diagnostics, voltage and current sensing units and other electronic devices. Automotive pcb manufacturers and distributors deal with a huge variety of components and accessories, which can be customized according to the specification of each customer. Automotif has a vast range of high quality Automotive Printed Circuit Boards and accessories, including complete system integration solutions for the automobile.

The power and speed of an automobile are largely determined by its electronic system. With the help of efficient onboard diagnostics and a robust and scalable real-time system, automotif can effectively monitor various components such as the priceless or wet idle air conditioner, powertrain, clutch, power shift and transmission, idle speed and others. Automotive powertrain solutions provided by Automotif include voltage and current sensing relays, multiplexers, transmitters and receivers, power line control, idle controller, temperature indication, signal management and other PC bus based functions. Furthermore, Automotif has been instrumental in developing numerous automotive software and hardware products that support on-board electronics and electrical programming to support on-board diagnostics. These products have been instrumental in enabling a wide range of automotive related applications to run on vehicles and increase efficiency.

Automotive solutions provided by Automotif are ideal for application areas like vehicle control, fuel cell technology, emissions control, hybridization, high-tech keyless entry systems, automotive GPS/RFID tags, and on-board diagnostics. Sarjana Muda Teknologi is a sister company of Automotif and provides solutions and products for various OEM and aftermarket automotive applications. It was founded in 1997 by S.S.R. Industries Ltd. Since then it has been innovating and creating innovative products that are specific to OEM and aftermarket markets.

Kodak Autopilot Oven is another product from Automotif, which is a fully-integrated solution that is fully automatic including the cooking of your baked products. It is also known as “Kodak UDS”. This appliance is a joint venture between Kodak and Softronic Corporation. As per their agreement, Softronic has guaranteed support and warranty for the life cycle of this product.